The Greatest Thing

The Greatest Thing  is to love and be loved. During this time of social and physical distancing we long to touch and be touched. We long to hug our family and friends and even to smile at the person passing you by in the grocery store isle.

I was honored when my colleague and close friend Kelley T. Woods invited me to co-write and record this MP3 download with her. It’s our gift to you in the hopes that you can use the power of your own subconscious mind to connect with the people who are and who have been in your life.

The Greatest Thing

You have a heart overflowing with life …. joy …. and love

In recent weeks you may have been experiencing feelings of isolation… disconnectedness… loneliness… feelings that can make us hard-hearted… unfeeling… thoughts that close us off from life… from joy… from love…

But you are so much more! You have a heart overflowing with life …. joy …. and love.

We invite you to allow yourself to open your heart and as feel all of the love that you have for your loved ones…all of the affection you hold for them…and you feel all of the love and affection they have for you mirrored right back to you …. allowing yourself to love and be loved …. loving completely without understanding. Maybe you even notice where in your body you feel all of this wonderful, loving emotion…

Feel yourself smiling as you gaze upon them…this person…these people…or animals…or something else that means so much to you. See and feel them smiling back at you.

Allow the infinite love that moves up and out of you…and flows down and into them…and then cycles back up and out of them…and down and into you…a never-ending, continuous flow of loving energy…Filling you with a wonderful, comforting sense of peace…and love…belonging…

This is the journey we invite you to take with us in this free hypnosis MP3 download.

You are so much more!

Free MP3 download

Welcome to your hypnosis audio experience. Kelley T. Woods and I created this recording to help you move into a place of love and connection, to help if you are feeling lonely or separated from those you love.

Turn off distraction, use headphones for best results. Listen to it often – the power of repetition will not only help you feel better, it will move your nervous system into self-regulation so that you always remember…you are not alone!

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Kelley: 360-333-8577 or at Woods Hypnosis Center

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My heart overflows with life, joy and love.

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