The July 2009 issue of Ladies Home Journal has an a great article called The Hypnosis Cure. “Don’t laugh — this drug-free treatment has gained respect from doctors who treat everything from hot flashes to surgical pain. And it has helped people lose weight and quit smoking.” I love seeing articles on hypnotherapy in the press as it helps educate people on the powers of hypnosis treatment. At Seattle hypnosis clients learn how to hypnotize themselves with self-hypnosis and how to use hypnotic tools. If you are interested in formal hypnosis training, my hypnosis school teaches clinical hypnosis. For hypnosis help, contact Seattle hypnosis.

In The Hypnosis Cure, author Daryn Eller writes: “Have you ever had the experience of being so immersed in a book you’re reading that you don’t notice somebody walk into the room? That’s a trance,” says Ted Grossbart, PhD, senior clinical supervisor at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center. During a trance your mind is fully focused on something that you are imagining at the direction of your therapist — a memory or future goal. In this state you’re more open to imagery and suggestion, but only to images and suggestions you are comfortable with. Neither a pendant-swinging Svengali nor a psychologist in a lab coat can make you do something that you don’t want to do.

When you’re in a trance you feel everything you’re asked to visualize more vividly and intensely. Whether your goal is to quit smoking, lose weight, or get over a phobia, the trance state allows you to experience, as if it were real, how it feels to resist those urges: breathing fresh, smoke-free air; craving healthy foods; or sitting on a plane without feeling anxious. After the hypnotherapy session those images continue to resonate, helping you resist the inclination to smoke, eat fast food, or panic on the tarmac.

The “realness” of hypnotic suggestion can cause physiological, not just behavioral, changes. That’s why it helps with medical conditions as diverse as irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions, and stress-related infertility.”

Day after day, hypnotherapy clients at Seattle hypnosis experience the the positive changes of hypnosis treatment. I teach clients self-hypnosis so that they know how to hypnotize themselves to create wellness and success in all areas of their life.

My hypnosis school, Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy offers formal hypnosis training in clinical hypnosis.

Get hypnosis help at Seattle hypnosis and read The Hypnosis Cure at Ladies Home Journal.

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