The Journey

So you have been on the journey of faithfully using the Greatest Expression of You process every day. Have you arrived yet?

I’ve often referred to this process as a journey. But it’s not like boarding a plane in Seattle and at the end of the flight you arrive in Maui. Sometimes you go backwards…. sometimes all the way to the beginning. Except that you are not at the beginning. Look how far you have come.

The Greatest Expression of You is not a straight-line process. I have always described change as looking something like this:




Hit the wall

You hit the wall in your life and you work your way through it. And then at some point in the future, you hit the wall again and work your way through it…and again…. and again…. and again.

It’s like peeling an onion. When you hit the wall again it means that you are ready for a deeper cut. That you are ready for deeper and greater learnings. You are ready now to take it on again with your most recent life experiences and the wisdom that you have accumulated at this moment in your life.

Do you have a pulse?

Again, I say to you, if you have a pulse, you have more healing work to do…. you have more stuff to work through. You have another gift – the opportunity to learn and grow. I have never met anyone with a pulse that doesn’t have issues. Hitting your wall again doesn’t mean you are wrong or that you failed, it means that you are alive and that you are having a human experience. So, if you think that you have arrived, check for your pulse. If you still have a pulse, you can look forward to more opportunities for growth.

Being the Greatest Expression of You is a journey. It is not about arrival. Even in your worst moments, Meditate on being your best self, Memorize Joy and Mentally Rehearse being your Best Self. And, if in that moment all else fails, wiggle your toes, wiggle your butt and shout Hallelujah and keep on moving in your journey.

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I look forward to more opportunities for growth.

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