I was deeply moved as I ate my oatmeal and read the article in Parade, The Lessons I’m Leaving Behind by Randy Pausch. If you haven’t seen the video My Last Lecture at Carnegie Mellon University with terminally ill professor Randy Pausch I urge you to watch it here.

Randy Pausch has pancreatic cancer and shares the lessons he’s leaving behind. He tells us to:

  1. Always have fun
  2. Dram big
  3. Ask for what you want
  4. Dare to take a risk
  5. Look for the best in everybody
  6. Make time for what matters
  7. Let kids be themselves

As I read this article 3 times I realized that there was nothing newhere and yet I knew that I needed to pay attention to each one of these simple truths. I know that too often I get wrapped up in the fast pace of seeing clients, writing blog posts, working on web sites, writing  articles, creating classes, taking out garbage and trying to stay on top of my yard.

I often use self hypnosis to give my self suggestions about being calm and relaxed and having health and energy. I realize that I don’t use hypnosis very often to give my self suggestions about asking for what I want, or making time for what matters. Hypnotherapy has certainly changed my life and I now see that I have the opportunity  to use it to dream big.

My 2 youngest granddaughters spent the night and I hear them awake now – so I’m going to let my inner kid be himself and go play with them – that is what matters! Let me know what matters most to you.

Watch my Welcome post.

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I always have fun! 

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