Dr. Mercola wrote an interesting article on the little-known secrets about bleached flour. At the first Slender For Life™ session at my Seattle weight loss office I discuss with clients the importance of eating whole grains. It is exciting to hear reports back after only one or two hypnotherapy sessions from clients who thought that they could never give up their sour dough bread or other white flour products that they are now enjoying eating whole grains. That is the power of hypnosis. You can easily learn how to hypnotize yourself and create a healthy desire for whole grains. Becoming Slender For Life offers you a different way to think about weight loss. Change your eating desires with weight loss hypnosis.

Dr. Mercola writes that  Nearly everyone knows that white flour is not healthy for you, but most people don’t know that when white flour is bleached, it can actually be FAR worse for you.

It’s generally understood that refining food destroys nutrients. With the most nutritious part of the grain removed, white flour essentially becomes a form of sugar. Consider what gets lost in the refining process:

  • Half of the beneficial unsaturated fatty acids
  • Virtually all of the vitamin E
  • Fifty percent of the calcium
  • Seventy percent of the phosphorus
  • Eighty percent of the iron
  • Ninety eight percent of the magnesium
  • Fifty to 80 percent of the B vitamins

And many more nutrients are destroyed — simply too many to list. Read more about The Journey of the Wheat Berry.

Becoming Slender For Life offers you a new way of thinking about weight loss and also shows you how you can learn how to hypnotize with self-hypnosis. For Seattle weight loss, check out Slender For Life™ and call for your free hypnosis consultation. With weight loss hypnosis, you really can change your eating desires.

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I feel so good when I eat healthy.

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