If you like printed cookbooks, The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook, Volume 2 is another one of the many excellent products in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. I have recently written about the many excellent recipes that are available for free on line, but sometimes it is nice to have a printed book. If you are into printed books, then here is one that I consider a must have.

The McDougall Health-Supporting Cookbook, Volume 2

This book by Mary McDougall contains 250 of our favorite recipes and 100 days of menu ideas. There are also suggestions on planning parties with buffet menus. This book was published first in 1986 but you will find it a great addition to your kitchen. Of interest, is also a list of the favorite foods of all members of the McDougall family at that time.

And of course, remember the more than 7000 free Weight Loss Recipes that are available on line.

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