The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook is Roger and Marilyn Moore’s favorite cookbook–everything is so quick and so easy to make and it tastes good too! Since Roger likes it so much, he enthusiastically shares it with his Slender-For-Life™ clients who love it as well. Put hypnosis for weight loss to work for you.

The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook

by: Mary McDougall
Dr. McDougall’s Health and Medical Center

Over 300 delicious low-fat recipes you can prepare in fifteen minutes or less.

“When Mary first started writing this book, my concern was that without a lot of time and effort these recipes won’t taste very good. I couldn’t have been more wrong. By using more canned and packaged products, Mary has been able to put together in less than 15 minutes, some of the tastiest recipes you’ll ever eat. In addition to great recipes, the book is laid out with snapshots of information on a single page. This Format attracts people to read valuable nutritional, health, and cooking information while preparing recipes.” ~ Dr. John McDougall

Learn hypnosis for weight loss with Slender-For-Life™.  The McDougall Quick & Easy Cookbook is an excellent companion to my book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set. You can now download free sample chapters of Becoming Slender For Life.

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