In Becoming Slender For Life I write that “There’s no getting around it—letting go of weight is apt to be a painful experience for those of us who used food as a drug. (Though using self-hypnosis techniques will make this journey easier, you are still apt to experience some emotional pain during the process.) In the past, when painful issues came up, we ate to numb out, to not feel, to feel what we wanted to feel or to fill a void. One client put it this way: “I was trying to get in control of my emotional state by getting in control of my eating, rather than my emotions.” When food is no longer used for emotional purposes, our issues are in our face. We have the opportunity to do the healing work and leave the weight of the pain—and the pain of the weight—behind. For some, it’s just too painful, and they give up on the program and themselves and go back to self-medicating with food.”

At Slender For Life™ we show you how to heal the pain and leave it behind and not on your behind! Using tools like hypnosis you can move through the emotional experiences of life without having to eat them. Use hypnotherapy every day either on your own or with the new Power Minutes. You can also learn more about Power Minutes on the April 15, 2008, post.

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I allow myself to feel my emotions.