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Seattle PI’s Bob Condor wrote on May 5, 2008 about an assistant professor at the University of Washington, Glen Duncan who has some interesting ideas about healthy body weight.

Identifying healthy body weight is a popular topic in Duncan‘s class. In April, Mayo Clinic researchers presented a new paper at a major cardiology meeting suggesting that people with healthy weight but high body fat percentage might be better categorized as “normal weight obese.” The body fat numbers: greater than 20 percent for men and greater than 30 percent for women.

“I used to be one of those researchers who design a clinical trial with a group of overweight people, give them an exercise prescription and track the outcome,” said Duncan, whose current scientific investigations focus on how environment such as a walkable neighborhood can positively affect health. “Now I urge people to get off the couch. That’s my exercise prescription. Less butt time.”

Duncan identified some basic markers to gauge personal health: climbing a flight of stairs without struggling for breath; the ability to take a 30-minute walk; cutting way back on TV; and “not eating so much at any one meal.” If you can do these things, you could be in range of a healthy weight. Getting to an ideal weight is more about adding intensity to workouts that fretting over the government’s Body Mass Index calculation or the bathroom scale.

“There are three parts to effective workouts or physical activity: frequency, intensity and duration,” Duncan said. “Intensity is the most direct way to change your health for the better (and likely lose body fat in the process).”

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Tell me what you are doing about less butt time in your life.

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