Power of giving thanks

My editorial in the March/April 2021 edition of Desert Health News is, The Velcro Power of Giving Thanks. It seems like everyday I learn more about living in gratitude and for that I am grateful!

When you give thanks for a great day as soon as you wake, your subconscious mind primes you to actually have a great day. When you thank your body for healing from disease or injury while sick, your mind/body connection assumes it’s true and works to make it so. When you express gratitude for successfully achieving a goal you’re aiming toward, all parts of you work together to accomplish the goal.

I encourage you to read The Velcro Power of Giving Thanks and checkout all the great articles in Desert Health News.



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My thanksgiving is perpetual; it survives every obstacle because I am willing to keep it alive.

The Velcro Power of Giving Thanks

Neuroscience reveals that the practice of gratitude rewires your brain and creates a cocktail for wellness. When you give thanks, you receive a shot of dopamine. This chemical reaction feels so good that you want more. You also receive a swig of serotonin, the happy molecule. Like an antidepressant, it enhances your mood, willpower and motivation. The more you activate these gratitude circuits, the stronger these neural pathways become. And you’re also more likely to recognize and appreciate all that’s right in your life instead of habitually looking at what’s wrong.

Read The Velcro Power of Giving Thanks

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