The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur
The practical path to building a business that fits “just right”.

“Everything good that has ever happened to me came in spite of my efforts. Everything that has gone wrong has my fingerprints all over it.” ~ Molly Gordon ~

If you can identify with this quote like I can, then The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur is for you.

Molly Gordon‘s has three simple instructions:

  1. Question stressful thoughts.
  2. Be yourself.
  3. Keep the channel open.

With these instructions, you can lead yourself to real material well-being, peace of mind, and the knowledge that you are serving something larger than your own self-interests with your business.

Personally, I think that anyone can benefit from reading The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur – you don’t have to be an entrepreneur. I highly urge you to order The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur now and begin creating a new relationship with yourself and with your money.

Self hypnosis is an excellent way for you to begin using the valuable insights that Molly Gordon has to offer and Self hypnosis is easy when you use the Light Switch Self Hypnosis. Watch these videos on Power Minutes: Power Minutes, How To Use Power Minutes, Written Suggestions, Course Corrections and  Orange Blossom and use hypnosis several times a day, every day. Using the Light Switch Self Hypnosis technique is an easy way for you to use hypnotherapy to change your relationship with yourself and with your money.

If you have used Molly Gordon to make changes in your life, please leave a comment telling me about the success she helped you to achieve.

You can also hear Molly Gordon on Hypnosis Health Radio, Show # 8, February 12, 2008, and be sure to read Coaching Yourself: How To Deal With Fear, Why Lessening Anxiety Doesn’t Help Your BusinessWork Life Balance – 9 Strategies to Help You Regain Your Equilibrium and The Way of the Accidental Entrepreneur.

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I question stressful thoughts.

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