Therapy and hypnosis

Have you ever wondered about therapy and hypnosis for creating change in your life? People often ask me about the differences and which one is more effective. As a Certified Counselor with a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy, I have many years of experience in traditional forms of therapy. And, as a Registered Hypnotherapist I also have many years of experience.

From my experience, hypnosis offers faster and long lasting life-changing results. With both skill sets, my sessions are a combination of traditional counseling, hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming: (NLP). This combination of therapies provides you safe, effective, lasting and positive change.

You can imagine my excitement when I read I traded in my therapist for a hypnotherapist which references my colleague Melissa Tiers. I love it that hypnosis is receiving positive press and that more research is coming out demonstrating the effectiveness of hypnotherapy.

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Therapy and hypnosis

I traded in my therapist for a hypnotherapist

Magster, Kimberly Cutter: “For about years I saw a psychiatrist. She was brilliant and kind, and she changed my life in a lot of important ways.

And yet, I still had a bully in my head …..

Within three hypnotherapy sessions, the inner bully had vanished. I couldn’t even remember what his tirades had felt like.”

Read I traded in my therapist for a hypnotherapist

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