Nathan Thomas

Nathan Thomas

It was only last April when I first posted Nathan Thomas‘s article These Young Hypnotists Of Today…, but since I am reviewing the articles in the Hypnosis Health Info Library each Sunday anyway, I wanted to draw your attention to it again. I have never had the opportunity to meet Nathan, but I have followed his postings on HypnoThoughts and elsewhere for over 2 years. He is a gifted and insightful young man who is making an important mark in the profession of hypnosis. It is exciting to me that he is guiding youth with the skills of self-hypnosis. You too can learn hypnosis.  As Nathan writes, If hypnosis was taught in schools, the world would surely be a much better place indeed!

These Young Hypnotists Of Today…

There are stories in my in-box from teenagers who, through hypnosis, have relieved their parents of 30 year smoking habits, helped shy kids gain confidence and self esteem, removed their friends exam nerves, taught others how to manage their minds and communicate effectively, and in general just grown into confident, caring and all round brilliant young adults.

Hypnosis is not the thing that today’s youth should be asked to avoid.

If hypnosis, the way we view it, was taught in schools, the world would surely be a much better place indeed!

Let’s help young hypnotists realize their potential, and in the process move the hypnosis industry forward so that 30 years in the future, we can all be proud.

Read These Young Hypnotists Of Today…

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