Slow Carb

Forget about no carb – think slow carb. I heard it in spin class just the other morning. “Oh, I’m doing no carb!” And the people in the conversation just carried on with their latest fad died of no carb.

I had a hard time biting my tongue, but I was there for a good work out, not to intrude on their diet fairy tale.

It was just earlier in the week that I heard on NPR an interesting idea, “think slow carb.”

Slow Carb

Since 1990, my Slender For Life™  Weight Loss Hypnosis program, has helped hundreds of people to end their desires for refined carbohydrates and create a healthy desire for for whole-grain, plant-based food.

More than 100 years of research shows that carbohydrates are essential to your health. Your brain is fueled by carbohydrates.

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to end your desires for the Standard American Diet that makes you fat and sick and create those healthy desires that make you slender and healthy.

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You Don’t Have To Go No-Carb: Instead, Think Slow Carb

Heard on Morning Edition, January 21, 2019: “When you eat a whole-kernel, minimally processed grain … they take a while to digest. Blood sugar rises relatively more gently. You produce less insulin calorie for calorie,” Ludwig explains. Think of whole grains as slow carbs because of this slow digestion. (Other slow carbs include fruits, vegetables, beans and grains.)

Whole grains — which include everything from whole wheat to brown rice to steel-cut oats and farro — are also rich in fiber. A new study published in The Lancet finds that people who eat a diet rich in fiber and whole grains have a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease and colorectal cancer. (For more, we have this primer on whole grains. )

Here’s what to visualize: When you eat whole grain wheat bread, you’re getting everything that comes in the wheat kernel. This includes the fiber-rich bran. It also includes the germ, which is the embryo of the seed, so it contains everything that’s needed to nurture new life. Think of wheat germ as a little packet of nutrients, including zinc, magnesium and Vitamin E.

Hear You Don’t Have To Go No-Carb: Instead, Think Slow Carb

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