Think yourself well

Can you think yourself well? In many instances, yes. Remember that all thought, all memory and all emotion occur and is stored in every cell of your body. That’s right, every single cell thinks. So, your body feels what you are thinking! This is not fairy-dust magical thinking. It is proven scientific fact.

Thinking yourself well is not new. In the Bible, it is written in the Proverbs of King Solomon 17:22, A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones. And in Proverbs 23:7 that, “What a person thinks in his or her heart, so is he or she.”

It’s fascinated and excited me over the years to witness the miraculous changes in people who change their thoughts. Many people come to me stressed, anxious, depressed and physically hurting. In most instances, within a few sessions (frequently after the first session) these same people ae more relaxed, happier and feeling physically better.

On more than one occasion, this change has been referred to as Roger’s Magic. But I didn’t do it – the client changed their thoughts and emotions and the physical change occurred. I don’t do magic – I show you how you can work the magic. Having said that, remember that it’s really not magic – it is the proven scientific fact of your ability to heal yourself.

Being well

Being well is a continuum, not a destination. In your journey through this life, you will have the ups and downs and varying degrees of wellness. Being well requires that you eat a healthy diet that largely consists of whole grains, vegetables and fruit and that you keep yourself hydrated with water. Being well entails keeping your body moving and active and that you get plenty of sleep. Being well involves mental stimulation in a variety of pursuits. Being well demands that you nurture yourself emotionally and spiritually.

When you are being your Best Self, these health habits occur naturally. But even when you are seemingly doing everything right, you can experience illness, injury and mental and emotional lows.

When this happens, ask yourself, “What do I think might be at the root of my illness?” and “What does my body need to heal?”

When I was injured by a car on my bike, I didn’t ask myself what was at the root of my injury, but I did frequently check in and ask, “What right now does my body need to heal?” If there was something physically that I needed to do such as get up and move or drink water, I did that. And, along with that I used the Greatest Expression of You process and self-hypnosis for healing. In less than seven weeks, I was back on the road on my bike. There is continued healing that is occurring and I remain committed to thinking myself well.

Think yourself well

What if you can’t think yourself well?

Sometimes the body does become too depleted to recover. Previous lifestyle choices, age, environmental factors, genetics, disease, injury and many other influences can push a body beyond its ability to heal. Having said that, your mindset may slow, or even halt the degenerative process.

This is not a time for self-flagellation, guilt or shame. It can be a time of change so that you can have the best health and Joy in your life possible at this time.

If your body is beyond the point of restoring wellness, take an Inventory. Ask yourself, these same questions, “What do I think might be at the root of my illness?” and “What does my body need to heal?”

Live each moment to the fullest

Next, use the Greatest Expression of You process and Mentally Rehearse Joyfully being your Best Self. Remember your wellness and Mentally Rehearse physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Being well. Your goal is to live each moment to the fullest.

For myself, one of my cycling injuries was re-injuring by rotator cuff. The sports doctor has repeatedly told me to never do overhead weight lifting again. That does not mean that I am to not exercise, it just means that I will be strengthening my upper body (including shoulders and arms) differently than I have in the past.

I am not willing to accept what he says about my shoulder as ‘gospel,” but I do acknowledge that as a senior citizen my cells have aged and their ability to repair and renew have diminished. I’m not going to think myself to be a 20-year-old again. I accept that and I intend to live each moment that I have left as healthy, active and joyfully as I can.

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I think myself well.

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