For most of us, time is our issue. People are working long hours, raising kids, giving care to aging parents, trying to maintain a relationship, cleaning the house and washing clothes, finding time for friends and on occasion, sneaking in a few moments for personal time. And then we are supposed to exercise, plan our meals, buy healthy food and then we have to wash all those vegetables and cook them. To top it all off, we are told that we don’t get enough sleep. If this sounds like your life, there are solutions. At Slender For Life™ we do our best to help you make weight loss possible. You can go to Slender For Life™ and click on recipes in the menu bar and check out the 15000 free recipes. You can also learn how to hypnotize yourself to be calm, relaxed and in control. It is amazing how much more time I have thanks to self hypnosis. If Time Is Your Issue is this weeks reading from my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

If Time Is Your Issue

I know many of you are wondering where you will find the time to prepare these foods and perhaps venture farther from home to find healthier choices. Part of the answer comes down to priorities. Is your health and your family’s health of paramount importance to you? Then identify some time-wasters in your schedule (we all have them if we’re honest!) and exchange those for taking the time you need to eat well.

The other part of the answer lies in choosing healthy packaged foods for times when you just plain can’t do it any other way. Dr. McDougall’s website has a section on approved prepared foods that is highly valuable—no matter how good your intentions are, there will always be days when we need shortcuts, so this list is great. Find it at and click on Packaged Foods. Nutritionist Jeff Novick’s DVD Fast Food is also excellent. Read more about it at Also check out Jeff’s My Simple Recipes on Facebook.

Becoming Slender For Life, second edition, page 152 – 153

Time is an issue for all of us and adding something else to our schedule like weight loss can be be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. Slender For Life™ provides quick and easy solutions that can work for you.

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