Isn't it time for you to stop judging yourselfJust last Thursday I asked a new Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss client, “Isn’t it time for you to stop judging yourself?” She had lost 3 pounds over the past 2 weeks and was telling me reasons why she only lost 3 and not 4 pounds. I congratulated her 4 or 5 times for being down 3 pounds but she was insistent at telling me how she had been less than perfect. I interrupted her and asked my question which was met with a stare and silence. I then congratulated her again and she finally said, “Thank you.”

I smiled and asked, “Was that so hard?” “Yes!” she exclaimed and then the tears began to flow. She shared with me, that all her life she never thought of herself as, good enough, no matter what anyone else thought or said. (This person did give me permission to share this story.)

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Stop Judging Yourself

My take on forgiveness is to not focus on the act, but on the judgments we hold about the act. Too often I hear forgiveness described as a sort of fairy tale about an incident—making it okay that we just ate a whole package of Oreos. But it isn’t okay and it will never be okay. Still, we don’t need to judge ourselves for it either. I encourage clients to leave their whips with me in my office. They don’t need them anymore.

Self-forgiveness can be a powerful, loving process. Self-forgiveness separates who we are from our actions and judgments. The real issue is your judgment. Your judgments of yourself and your judgments of others are what poison your psyche. By letting go of your judgments, you can put the past behind you and move on. By letting go of the judgment you are not making your behavior or someone else’s behavior okay, you are ending the negative mental self-talk.

I learned about forgiveness at the University of Santa Monica. This is the first approach that ever made sense to me. When clients are self-flagellating about how terrible they are, I encourage them to take out a piece of paper and do this exercise.

Fill in the blanks.
I forgive myself for judging myself as_____________________.
In the blank line, you write the judgment. For instance, I would write: I forgive myself for judging myself as not good enough. I forgive myself for judging myself as fat. I forgive myself for judging myself as having no control.

Next, you write a person’s name and the judgment you hold of them.
I forgive myself for judging _____________________ as_____________________.
Examples: I forgive myself for judging my spouse as abusive. I forgive myself for judging Bob as hurtful. I forgive myself for judging Mary as skinny.

You see, our actions are our actions. They occurred, right or wrong. Whether these actions occurred one minute ago or 30 years ago, it is our judgment about the action that eats at us, that decimates our self-esteem. It’s not up to us to judge, and by letting go of the judgment we free ourselves from the continued abuse of the action. Some people have experienced inexcusable acts of abuse. But many years later, they are the ones carrying on the abuse—not the abuser. What happened, happened. There is no need to pretend it didn’t. But what hurts us now is our judgment about what happened. Our job is to let go of the judgment.

Becoming Slender For Life pages 79 – 81

No matter where you may live, Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you to be compassionate and loving with yourself. You too can lose weight and keep it off.

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