Join a support group

One way that you can help support your weight loss success is to join a support group. I tell Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients that creating a support system is so important. A support group can be 2 or 3 people who you can trust and count on to support you. Maybe it’s a walking partner or maybe it’s people you meet at the gym or in yoga class. It could be a close friend from college or high school. Or, look into groups that you find through Meetup.

Who ever you enlist, make sure that they support you in what you are doing, not in some fad diet they may be trying. Choose people that make you feel safe to be yourself.

“Join a support group” is Tip 3 in Chapter 7 of my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

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Join a support group

What if you have a whole lot to lose?

3. Join a support group

Being in this category can be isolating enough, but when you decide you are ready to change you situation, it can get even lonelier. Whether you seek the friendship of established groups, such as Overeaters Anonymous, or whether you create your own circle of support, having peers to discuss all your challenges with will be tremendously helpful. You might ask your doctor if she has other patients who might be interested in starting an informal group. Or go online. Today there are endless sources of support and guidance that you can access with a few clicks.

Read Becoming Slender For Life page 212

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It’s safe for me to be myself.

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