Get lifting

OK folks, it’s time for you to get lifting! The benefits of firming, shaping and toning your body are far more important than your excuses to not do it. And, you don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t want to or go buy equipment. Look in your cupboards and you will find cans of soup or beans and bottles of water.

“Get lifting” is Tip 6 in Chapter 7 of my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

Get lifting

What if you have a whole lot to lose?

6. Get lifting

Experts believe that one of the most important exercises for very overweight folks is lifting weights. Resistance training builds muscles, which in turn burn more calories. And you know what-many weight lifting exercises can be done sitting
down, making them ideal for people who need to start from that position. Start small with things you have around the house-cans of soup, bags of rice, then liter bottles of water. (A gallon of water weighs a little over eight pounds.) Especially if you’ve been inactive for a long period of time, you really need to do something to convert fat to muscle. Once you feel up to going to a real gym, you’ll discover a huge array of machines specifically designed to isolate and exercise each part of
your body. Many people are surprised to learn that they enjoy lifting weights-partly because the results are noticeable fairly

While releasing this much weight is truly life-altering, it would be the best gift you could ever give yourself and your family-the gift of a longer, healthier life. Scientific studies continue to reveal the mysteries of obesity, and there is a lot of ongoing research into the biological causes and cures, including the genetic component, but don’t use that as an excuse to wait for a magic pill. The power is all within you.

Read Becoming Slender For Life page 213

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I get off the couch and get lifting.

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