Tips For Taming Temptation is this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life. It makes no difference whether your goal is to lose weight or or maintain your healthy ideal weight, you will face food temptations on a daily basis. At Slender For Life™ I am all about living the rest of your life slender for life and my book offers you the weight loss hypnosis tools and resources so that you can tame the temptations in your life that hold you back.

Tips For Taming Temptation

Life changes are essential for maintenance; a new lifestyle is essential for termination. The difference is in the permanence of the change. In maintenance, you modify parts of your life—social contacts, daily schedules, behavior patterns—to overcome your old unhealthy behaviors. In termination, you institute a healthier lifestyle as a means of preserving your gains and promoting new growth.

Although you can never be problem-free, you can live in ways that reduce the recurrence of self-defeating behaviors. “I’ve got this beat forever” is a telltale sign of overconfidence. Overconfidence can also beget daily temptation, to which you intentionally and unnecessarily subject yourself regularly. Dieters often buy highcalorie goodies and prepare highcalorie, high-fat meals when entertaining. Where did we get the notion that our family and friends won’t appreciate tasty, elegantly presented healthy food?

Creating a healthier lifestyle involves altering more than your naïve to believe you can go on living the way you did before and expect the consequences to be different. If you’re going to a social event and are bringing food, then bring healthy foods. When you’re going to someone’s home for dinner and not bringing food, then go and enjoy it, but stop eating when your stomach tells you that you have enough fuel in your body. If you’re hosting a social function, then serve healthy foods. Do we really believe that people won’t appreciate leaving our homes feeling very satisfied and grateful that they don’t have a food hangover?

When I attend a social function, I eat a little bit of brown rice before going. That way, I’ve taken the edge off. I am not overly hungry, and I don’t have to fill up on appetizers or sit down to the meal famished. Remember, we come together with people over a meal to socialize. It is about being with people—not how much and how fast we can eat.

Eating out can present challenges, so here’s a clever idea. Ask for the take home container when your food first arrives and put half of it away right from the start, then put the container out of sight. This is a great way to avoid overeating those giant restaurant meals. (Just don’t use that as a license to eat three desserts!)

Be conscious, be aware during the holidays. Those weeks from Thanksgiving to the new year can be fraught with temptations. Ask yourself: What is my goal? Can I find ways to enjoy a few treats in moderation, or am I going to forget everything I’ve learned and regress to gobbling every marshmallow Santa in sight? Can I rethink my behavior so I can enjoy the holidays for years to come? Yes, the holidays are plump with special treats that should come once a year. Enjoy a taste—just not the whole pan of fudge.

Sure, you can be a flexitarian on Thanksgiving and have some turkey, but for many people, the holidays last six weeks or more, so we can’t afford to flex too much for six weeks or it will just be a huge setback. According to the National Institutes of Health, pounds packed on during the holidays account for half of all weight gained annually. Don’t let a few weeks of holiday gatherings undo a year’s worth of hard work. (See Page 233 for more tips on eating during the holidays.)

From Becoming Slender For Life,
second edition, pages 228 – 230

Are you ready to live the rest of your life Slender For Life™? Diets are short term fixes to life-long challenges that ultimately lead to failure and weight gain. With hypnosis for weight loss you can make those healthy life changes that allow you to lose weight and keep it off.

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