Tune to Seattle’s KKNW 1150 Alternative Talk Radio and hear Frankie Pérez, LMFT and Seattle hypnotherapist and relationship counselor Roger Moore, PhD discuss hypnotherapy and relationships. Couples can perfect their loving through traditional relationship therapy, conversational hypnosis and with formal hypnosis induction. If you are wanting to create positive changes in your relationships and are wanting to know more about self-hypnosis be sure to explore the free hypnosis course here at Seattle Hypnosis Health Info.

My friend Frankie Pérez writes in To Perfect Our Loving : “But we have a choice. Every moment brings with it the gift of a new beginning.  Every moment is an opportunity to choose again.  While we have no control over anything that happens to us or how people treat us, we do have control over how we choose to react.  So when someone has, as Dr. Howard Thurman says, “done violence to my self-respect and decent regard”, we have the choice of hardening our hearts even more, or take the risk of keeping it open and vulnerable.  We have the choice to choose fear or to choose love;

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I choose love by keeping my heart open and vulnerable.

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