Totally epic life

I’ve come to understand that Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is all about living a totally epic life!

I’ve been asked if being your Best Self meant that there were no ups and downs. No anger, hurt, fear or sadness. That’s not it at all. The challenge is to be your Best Self even in those trials and tribulations.

When you can mindfully be in the moment of these life upsets, you can learn from them and move through them quicker and easier than when you resist and deny them.

Many people come to me trying to not feel their pain. But by numbing out the pain you numb out the Joy. You flat line and deny the opportunity of fully living life.

Mindfully being your Best Self in life’s ups and downs allows you to fully experience being alive. By allowing yourself to fully experience the highs of life’s Joys and the lows of life’s pain you truly live a totally epic life!

Experiencing life

While living on Maui, we would go to a sacred place called Kipahulu. A mountain stream cuts its way through the boulders of Haleakala and flows into the ocean. At Kipahulu there are pools of water surrounded by high rocks. My son Josh and I would climb up about 25 feet onto these rocks.

Already nervous about the height, we’d stand on a ledge and prepare to jump off. To enhance the experience, we’d declare the jump to be about a particular goal. The goal could be anything from creating greater financial abundance, getting better grades in school to enhancing relationships.

As we made our declarations, our knees would be knocking. We felt both the fear associated with height and the fear of accomplishing the goal we’d just declared.

We’d step out…there was a moment of suspension in the air…followed by the fall and immersion in the cold pool of water. When we surfaced and took our first gasps of air, every cell of our bodies radiated—we knew we were alive.

We knew we were experiencing life. I have never experienced a more alive feeling.

This is amazing!

There is a YouTube video titled, Kid goes through my year. I keep watching it over and over and I have shown it to several clients.

I think that the kid in this video is expressing life as it should be lived. There are those moments of screaming and there are those moments of amazement.

This kid is experiencing a totally epic life. How about you?

Kid goes through my year

No! No! No! Scream!
Oh wait, it’s much better!
Whoa-ho! Yeah!
Yes! This is amazing!
I think I’m going to fall though!
Yes! Yes!
This is amazing!
This is totally epic!
I love this!
Oh, this isn’t so bad!
Ok, ohhhh god… oh my god!!!
Oh man… ohh… nooo…
Oh. Woo!

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You

Since March, 1996, many of my Sunday blog posts have been about the Greatest Expression of You. Today’s post is a continuation of that series.

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Being my Best Self I live a totally epic life!

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