Learn hypnosis and train your brain to heal your hurt. Chronic pain has a purpose: To get your ATTENTION! But once it has your attention, and you are addressing it, you no longer need the chronic pain. Rather than mask pain with medication, you can learn self-hypnosis for pain reduction. I am proud to be the host of Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland this weekend here in Seattle. Over 40 medical doctors, dentists, nurses, hypnotherapists, and other professionals are coming to learn medical hypnosis for pain control. Heal the hurt with hypnotherapy.

Healing the Hurt

March 4, 2011, Time Magazine: Pain is the human bodyguard, the cop on the beat racing to the scene, sirens wailing, shutting down traffic. You’ve been cut, burned, broken: pay attention, stop the bleeding, apply heat, apply cold, do something. It’s one of life’s most primitive mechanisms, by which even the simplest creature, if it has anything like a central nervous system, learns to avoid danger, stay out of bad neighborhoods, hunker down to give itself time to heal. Pain is protective. Don’t do that, it commands — and the command is usually a wise one. So this sensation we seek most to avoid is in fact one of the most essential ones for our survival.

But what happens when pain goes rogue, when it sends off false alarms so that all the sirens keep sounding, all the cops keep coming, all the hurts keep hurting? If even benign stimuli get distilled down to a single, primal Ouch!, then pain ceases to be adaptive. Rather than saving lives, it wrecks them. Rather than helping you get well or stay safe, it becomes an illness in itself. The result: persistent, unceasing torment.

We need to do more than simply muffle the nervous system’s false alarms so the brain and body don’t hear them. Instead, we have to retrain the brain and find a way to shut that alarm down. What if, for example, pictures of the brain could be used to help people “think” themselves out of pain? Trained patients with chronic pain reported a 64% reduction in their sensation of pain.

Learn hypnosis and shut down the pain alarm. Self-hypnosis has a proven track record for pain management.  With hypnotherapy you can train your brain for your health and wellness.

If you are suffering with chronic pain or work with people who are in chronic pain, you want to attend Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland.

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