Train Your Brain

Five days ago when I saw this article,Train Your Brain and Improve Your Mental Toughness, I got excited for two reasons.

First, hypnosis is all about training the brain and all about mental toughness. And second, if you’ve spent 5 minutes with me or read a couple of my posts, you know that I am an avid road cyclist. How perfect is that?! Two passions in one article. So, you know it had to be a blog post.

As I read the article I realized that what Sarah Lauzé was writing about mental toughness in cycling applied to pretty much everything else in life. She writes, “Mastery over the mind is essential in a tough, endurance sport like cycling. When your legs are screaming and lungs burning, your mind can quickly become your enemy. It all comes down to mental toughness, and luckily it can be learned, but it takes practice to tame the mind and turn it into a force that works for you rather than against.”

Well, you can substitute cycling for just about anything, (relationships, parenting, work, pain, illness, weight loss ….) and when your body is screaming your mind can quickly become your enemy.

Train Your Brain

Hypnosis can help you get out of that run-away mind trance

The thing is, hypnosis can help you get out of that run-away mind trance and into a trance where you are in control of your thoughts, your emotions and a feeling of being one with your actions.

It’s a really well written article and well worth your read – even if you aren’t a road cyclist. To read the full article, click on the image below or on the article title in the box below and on the right.

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Train Your Brain and Improve Your Mental Toughness

Step 1: Tame Your Mind
Step 2: Change Up How You Measure Distance
Step 3: Breathe
Step 4: Mental Toughness
Step 5: Get Into The Zone

Read Train Your Brain and Improve Your Mental Toughness

Sarah Lauzé

i love bicycling

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