How to Use Trance Depth – From The Esdaile State to Waking Hypnosis with Richard Nongard & Roger MooreRoger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy is excited to announce the addition of a new course, How to Use Trance Depth – From The Esdaile State to Waking Hypnosis with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore. Trance depth is perhaps the most misunderstood and controversial topic in hypnosis. In this three hour workshop we will share with you “depth scales” such as the Arons Depth Rule, the Stanford Depth Scale, The Harvard University Scale and measures in this area of hypnosis. We will even share with you the processes James Esdaile used to create what is often known as “The Esdaile State.” No need to sped a zilllion dollars in a special depth seminar- we will give you the knowledge and resources you need to achieve amazing results!

You will learn exactly what you need to know to understand the metaphor of trance depth and its relationship to hypnotic phenomena. You will see and experience a full range of hypnotic processes that you can use in your own practice.

At the conclusion of this course,
you will have:

1.) Scripts that to this point, Nongard and Moore have never published, that explore the boundaries of trance depth from their unique perspective.

2.) A real understanding of the Esdaile state and its value in all forms of hypnosis and influence

3.) Methods for medical hypnosis that are based on hypnotic phenomena and an accurate understanding of trance depth.

4.) A set of resources to help you identify the trance depth clients experience.

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Seattle Washington 9:00am-12:00 (Noon) Seattle Time Zone

October 22, 2013

Attend in person or in our online simulcast learning center.
All registrants will also got free access to the online streaming video
after the event.

$59 for the first TWENTY registrants $75.00 Thereafter

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