Trauma and your gut

Over the past 21 years I have noticed that there is often a connection between trauma and your gut. I’ve especially noticed this with people living with Irritable Bowell Syndrome (IBS).

Did you ever wonder if those butterflies in your stomach and that gut instinct were caused by your thoughts or if your gut created the thought? Science now demonstrates that this is a two-way street.

Yes, your gut brain influences your thoughts and your emotions. And, your thoughts and emotions have an impact on your digestive system.

People who use my Hypnosis for IBS support course of action discover how to change their thoughts and emotions. And, as a result, their symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome are reduced or even reversed.

Trauma and your gut

Hypnosis for IBS

Are you suffering with Irritable Bowell Syndrome? Hypnosis for IBS can help you to reduce the symptoms or even live symptom free.

What would it be like for you to go out to dinner, go to work, hike in the woods or fly on an airplane with ease and peace of mind?

If you are afraid to leave the house or are constantly looking for a bathroom, my IBS Hypnosis course of action can help you to change your life.

I am happy to meet you in my office in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle, on Bainbridge Island, or online from most anywhere in the world.

Call (206) 903-1232 or send me an email and let’s get you scheduled.

A Traumatic Experience Can Reshape Your Microbiome

Science of Us, June 1, 2017: “The results were startling: Across the board, those in the IBS group were far more likely to exhibit anxiety and depression. When the researchers further divided IBS-afflicted subjects into two smaller groups — those with a microbiome undistinguishable from that of a healthy control, and those with noticeable differences — they found that the subgroup with different microbiomes also had more history of early life trauma, and their IBS symptoms lasted longer. “It is possible,” the authors wrote, “that the signals the gut and its microbes get from the brain of an individual with a history of childhood trauma may lead to lifelong changes in the gut microbiome.”

Read A Traumatic Experience Can Reshape Your Microbiome

Susie Neilson

New York Magazine

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