Trauma of cancer

Over the past 22 years I have come to understand that the trauma of cancer doesn’t end after treatment. Many people have come to me for hypnosis to overcome the trauma of cancer after they have completed treatment.

These people were dealing with emotional trauma, pain, financial issues, chemo brain, relationship and family re-adjustments, sleeplessness anxiety and a host of other issues.

For most of these cancer survivors, their support system disappeared when treatment was finished. Family, friends and coworkers did not understand the post treatment trauma. They thought that the individual should be celebrating that they were cancer free.

The reality is, everyone one of my clients were grateful and thankful for their treatment and very much appreciated the support from cancer care professionals, family and friends. Even so, the post traumatic stress was very real.

Hypnosis for the trauma of cancer can help you to create peace of mind and joy in your heart again. If you are recovering from cancer treatment or are currently receiving cancer treatment, hypnosis can help you too.

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Trauma of cancer

Why the trauma of cancer doesn’t end after treatment

“Lynda Thomas, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, says: ‘It is tragic that so many people are left struggling after their cancer treatment ends. Life is often profoundly different after the rollercoaster of diagnosis and treatment ends, with people contending with serious physical and emotional issues.’ ‘The health and care system has a long way to go in terms of fully supporting people after cancer treatment. The NHS must ensure that every single person who is treated for cancer gets the support that is right for them – far too many cancer patients are badly being let down in their time of need.’

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