How to travel and live a plant based lifestyleThe holidays are coming fast and people are beginning to ask me about how to travel and live a plant based lifestyle. My wife and I will be on a road trip to my Mom’s for Christmas so we’ll also be eating healthy outside our norm. I’ve lived a plant based lifestyle for the past 20 years and I’ve learned how to set myself up for success. I do know that you can travel and live a plant based lifestyle. When I read Rosane Oliveira’s post, I knew I had to share it with you. Of course, self-hypnosis becomes even more important when you travel. It’s too easy to get sucked into the trance of rushing through airports, vacation eating mentality and perhaps the most challenging one, going home to childhood favorite food is love comfort foods.

When you use hypnosis for weight loss and stay focused on your of living your life, slender for life, navigating restaurants and family holidays means becomes easier. It’s also essential that you be clear on your goals for your weight during the holidays. I tell Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis clients that maintaining your current weight between December 23 and January 3 is great success. Weight loss during this time is probably not going to happen, but you don’t have to put on the pounds of fat like most Americans.

How to Mix Travel With Plant-Based Eating

By Rosane Oliveira on November 5, 2015:

Rule One: The Best Food Is Always Your Food: In other words, CARRY YOUR OWN FOOD WITH YOU!

Rule Two: Be Smart When You Navigate the Airport: Airports are a huge challenge as they are filled with fast food options. However, there are a few ways to make it in and through the airport without taking a wrong turn.

Rule Three: Prepare for the Plane: Here are some tips on the meals you will find on the plane:

Rule Four: Organize Your Destination Game Plan in Advance: As we have said repeatedly in this article, having your own food is always the best food. This is particularly true when it comes to in-home snacks—and it is applicable whether you stay in a hotel or in a home with family. So here are some of my favorite ‘destination strategies’:

Read How to Mix Travel With Plant-Based Eating

Here are some of my travel tips:

Snacks: Bring fruit and vegetables. I also will rinse and drain a can of beans, and put the beans into a zip lock sandwich bag and snack on them.

Breakfast: At Seatac there is excellent oatmeal in the food court. You can eat it there or carry it onto your plane. Many airports have similar options.
Lunch & dinner: My first choice is Mexican. I can get a veggie burrito, no cheese and no sour cream. If Mexican isn’t available, then I look for a sandwich shop such as Quiznos. A veggie sandwich with no cheese, butter or mayo will get me to my next stop. I’ve also been known to bring Dr. McDougall’s instant soups and oatmeal on the plane and asked for hot water when I was ready to eat.

Hotels: I bring instant oatmeal with me and use the coffee maker for hot water. I find the nearest convenience store or raid the breakfast bar for fruit for snacks. I’ve learned the hard way to not pack tubs of oatmeal in my suitcase. I buy packets. I’ve had the tubs explode all over my black dress pants. (Not a pretty sight.)

Road Trips: When I can, I like to go into a local restaurant and make healthy choices. If time is an issue, I look for Mexican takeout or for a sandwich shop. I have my bananas with me – they are an easy, mess-free car snack.

When staying with Family and Friends: I talk to them ahead of time. I check to see if it’s OK for me to bring my own oatmeal. Sometimes I have the pleasure of preparing it for others and sometimes only for myself. Meals that we eat at their home are discussed and I offer to prepare or bring food for myself and to share. I look for a Whole Foods where I can find healthy prepared food to share with everyone at the meal.

Make it easy: You have a choice. You can either choose to make travel meals challenging, awkward and uncomfortable. Or, you can choose to make it fun, easy and a chance to share healthy plant based meals with your family and friends. So, why not make it fun and easy?!

Just because you are traveling or just because its the holidays doesn’t mean that you have to gain weight. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you stay focused on your goals and enjoy your travel meal experiences. Make the choice to let travel while living your plant based lifestyle be easy.

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Living a plant-based lifestyle is easy even when I travel.

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