Childhood Obesity Increases Risk of MSMultiple sclerosis can be treated with a healthy plant based diet. At Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis, Forks hypnosis and online I coach you to make the lifestyle changes to improve your health. Autoimmune diseases like MS can be reversed with the elimination of meat and dairy and by consuming starches. Mindfulness imagery techniques like hypnosis for autoimmune disease can help improve the function of specific parts of the immune system.

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Treating Multiple Sclerosis With Diet

If we can get to people early in their disease, when they’re only mildly disabled, and restrict their saturated fat intake, Dr. Swank showed he could stop their disease in 95% of cases—no further disability 34 years later. But if they started slacking on their diet—even years in, their disease could become reactivated. They felt so great that some felt that they could cheat a little bit, since they had their disease so well under control. But eating just 8 grams of saturated fat more a day was accompanied by a striking increase in disability and a near tripling of their death rate.

How about a 50 year follow-up! They were able to track down 15 of the original patients that stuck to the diet, now in their 70s and 80s, with multiple sclerosis for over 50 years, and 13 out of 15 were walking around normal in all respects. Conclusion: “This study indicated that, in all probability, MS is caused largely by consumption of saturated animal fat.”

Dr. Swank thought it was the sludging of the blood caused by even a single meal of saturated fats that can clog tiny capillaries that feed our nervous system. Diets rich in saturated fat and cholesterol can thicken the blood and make our red cells sticky. A single meal of sausage and eggs can stick our blood cells together like rolls of quarters.

The bottom line is that the results Dr. Swank published remain the most effective treatment of multiple sclerosis ever reported in the peer reviewed medical literature. In patients with early stage MS, 95% were without progression of their disease 34 years later after adopting his low saturated fat dietary program. Even patients with initially advanced disease showed significant benefit. To date, no medication or invasive procedure has ever even come close, to demonstrating such success.

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Studies show that the use of a plant based diet and various forms of imagery and relaxation exercises can indeed improve the function of specific parts of the immune system. Resistance to disease can go up, reaction to allergens can go down, and autoimmune attack can be stopped using relaxation and specific imagery designed to reprogram the immune system. Research demonstrates consistent improvement if not remission in MS, Crohn’s, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and other autoimmune disorders.

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