Treating the causes of disease with lifestyle medicineI love finding physicians and other healthcare professionals that believe in treating the causes of disease with lifestyle medicine. Sadly, these doctors are few and far between. Why? Because there is no money it in. The money is in pharmaceuticals and surgery. It truly is wealth vs. health. The mindfulness meditation and hypnosis for weight loss techniques like I teach at Slender For Life™ can help you make healthy lifestyle changes to improve your health so that you can reverse and perhaps prevent disease.

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Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease

If doctors can eliminate some of our leading killers by treating the underlying causes of chronic disease better than nearly any other medical intervention, why don’t more doctors do it?

If people just did 4 simple things—not smoking, exercising a half hour a day, eating a diet that emphasizes whole plant foods, and not becoming obese–they may prevent most cases of diabetes and heart attacks, half of strokes, and a third of cancers. Even modest changes may be more effective in reducing cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and all-cause mortality than almost any other medical intervention.

Think about it… heart disease accounts for more premature deaths than any other illness and is almost completely preventable simply by changing diet and lifestyle. Those same changes can prevent or reverse many other chronic diseases as well—the same dietary changes. So why don’t more doctors do it? Well, one reason is doctors don’t get paid for it. No one profits from lifestyle medicine, so it is not part of medical education or practice. Presently physicians lack training and financial incentives… so they continue to do what they know how to do: prescribe medication and perform surgery.

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Michael Greger, M.D., says that, “When the underlying lifestyle causes are addressed, patients often are able to stop taking medication or avoid surgery. We spend billions cracking people’s chests open, but only rarely does it actually prolong anyone’s life. In contrast, how about wiping out at least 90% of heart disease?”

The mindfulness medical meditation and  hypnosis for weight loss techniques like I teach can help you make the lifestyle changes so that you can improve health and prevent disease and illness. This past Saturday I again heard some amazing stories from people who used weight loss hypnosis to stop the pain of arthritis and to get off diabetes medication. These are the stories that warm my heart!

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