Treating menstrual pain with dietWomen suffering with dysmenorrhea who switch to a plant-based diet experience significant relief in menstrual pain intensity and duration. If you suffer with menstrual pain, I have three recommendations for you: 1) Since the pain is caused by inflation, eat an anti-inflammatory plant based diet. 2) Learn self hypnosis for pain control and for stress reduction. 3) Call or email me from where ever you are and schedule your in-office or online session with me now. Since 1997 I have been teaching hypnosis to women to reduce menstrual pain and to change food lifestyles. A plant based lifestyle can be an easy way to help you embrace your femininity. Sign up for my Living a plant based lifestyle ~ online class today.

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Treating Menstrual Pain With Diet

Almost half of menstruating women experience painful, crampy periods, also known as dysmenorrhea. According to Dr. Linda French from Michigan State University College of Medicine, “despite the substantial effect on quality of life and general well-being, few women seek treatment, thinking it won’t help.” Treatments are available, though–modern medicine to the rescue! There are surgical options such as neuroablation, where surgeons go in and attempt to cut or destroy the nerves leading to the uterus, or doctors can just take out the uterus completely. There are of course a bunch of hormones in pills and shots that can suppress the menstrual cycle as well.

But wait a second. If it’s pain caused by inflammation, how about putting women on an anti-inflammatory diet?

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Over the years in my Seattle hypnosis, Bainbridge hypnosis and online I have coached many women. Often, the topic of conversation has been menstrual pain. I admit that as a guy, I don’t understand menstrual pain and what’s like to be on a hormonal roller coaster each month. But, I do know that you can learn self hypnosis for pain control and stress reduction. I also know that hypnosis can help you to easily live a plant based lifestyle so that you can reduce inflammation throughout your body.

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