It has long been established that the use of hypnosis/hypnotherapy is effective in the treatment of pain. Napoleon said that “imagination rules the world!” If in your imagination you are suffering with pain, then you will suffer. What is conceived in your unconscious is made manifest in your body. You can easily learn self-hypnosis and make your world a better place by being peaceful and relaxed. The Treatment of Chronic Pain is this weeks article in the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library.

The Treatment of Chronic Pain

Ted Benton, MED, ACH, CI, Staff Hypnotherapist,
Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA 01890

After the full medical and psychological intake is completed, a good place to begin is teaching self-hypnosis for deep relaxation. Very often people will ask, “what does hypnosis feel like?” And we all know that the basic feeling is deep to profound relaxation depending on the patient’s ability to do self-hypnosis. Conventional hypnotic wisdom is that the victims of trauma, physical or emotional, often go right into hypnosis as a means of self-protection. My experience here in the hospital is that most patients with chronic pain are very easily hypnotized because many have experienced so much previous trauma.

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Self-hypnosis can help you bee peaceful and relaxed and make your world a better place. We are all imagining and telling ourselves stories about life. We can make up stories about how awful our aches and pains are and add to the stress and tension we feel in our body, or we can imagine happy, relaxed and peaceful things. Let hypnosis ease your pain.

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