Tricks to get you to eat your vegetablesJust like with kids, there are tricks you can use to get you to eat your vegetables. Yesterday I wrote about how to entice your kids to eat vegetables and I said that most importantly parents must model a healthy lifestyle for their children. All too often moms and dads tell me that they seldom eat vegetables (as least with out a lot of fat). There are so many delicious and easy ways of preparing and serving vegetables both hot and cold. When I am at the farmers market or in the produce section of the grocery store I feel like a little kid in a candy store. There are so many fresh (and frozen) vegetables available and I love trying new produce that is unfamiliar to me. My favorite way of preparing vegetables is to partially steam them and then put them in a grilling basked on the gas grill. Just before they are done I mix in some pineapple and oh my are they good!

When you learn self hypnosis and then use it, it can be really easy to love the veggies and skip the tricks!

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Tricks to Get Adults to Eat Healthier

Changing food perceptions and incorporating pureed vegetables into entrees can improve the dietary quality of kids and grown-ups.

We saw that just changing the name of healthy foods can have a significant impact on children’s eating habits. Are adults as gullible? Yes. For example, in one study, people actually reported “traditional Cajun red beans and rice” tasted better than just “red beans with rice” even though they were both the exact same dish!

So can you use the same vegetable sneak attack tactic, so successful in children, on adults? It turns out that covertly adding hidden pureed vegetables to meals works for adults, too—and even for vegetables they didn’t like. It was shown that the adults’ dislike of the vegetables that were incorporated into the entrees did not affect the consumption of the vegetable-enhanced entrees. This indicates that the incorporation of pureed vegetables into entrees increased the intake of vegetables even when the added vegetable was disliked, the big babies. And of course, the more vegetables you eat, the fewer calories you get, so you get the twin benefit. They were eating up to a pound of vegetables a day and 350 fewer calories. Keep that up you could lose 30 pounds a year without even trying.

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If you have a problem eating vegetables, learn self hypnosis so that you can set an example for your kids. Get your whole family healthy and strong and eat lots of vegetables. You too can enjoy plant based eating and being more active. Make healthy lifestyle behaviors your family affair and help end childhood obesity.

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