Tricks to get your kids to eat their vegetablesWhat are the tricks to get your kids to eat their vegetables? Parents need to eat them! Studies show that the most important predictor of children’s fruit consumption was… the parent‘s consumption. That was pretty much the case with vegetables, too. If we want our kids to eat healthy, we have to model healthy behavior. Healthy eating and other healthy lifestyle choices are a family affair. The whole family has to model healthy eating and other healthy behaviors. I love the opportunities that I have to teach hypnosis to the whole family. When you learn self hypnosis as a family great changes can occur!

How to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

One school was able in some cases to double vegetable consumption-just by giving them attractive names. Elementary students ate twice the number of carrots if they were called “X-ray Vision Carrots,” compared to when they were ‘just’ carrots, or generically named as the “Food of the Day.”

How about Power Punch Broccoli, Silly Dilly Green Beans, or calling broccoli Tiny Tasty Tree Tops? Selection of broccoli increased by 109.4%; green beans by 177%. Conclusion: “these studies demonstrate that using an attractive name to describe a healthy food in a cafeteria is robustly effective, persistent, and scalable with little or no money or experience.” These names were not carefully crafted, discussed in focus groups, and then pre-tested. They just thought them up out of thin air. And kids were suckered into eating healthier for months by putting out silly little signs. In this school, vegetable intake was up nearly 100%, while in the control school without signs, vegetable consumption started low and actually got worse. So why isn’t every single school in the country doing this right now?! Bring it up at your next PTA meeting.

And if you want to get really bold, you can join the nutritious school lunch revolution led by pioneering organizations like the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.

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Make healthy plant based eating and lifestyle changes your families affair. Learn self hypnosis and teach hypnosis to your kids. Kids and either grow up with the junk food trance or they can be at choice and choose healthy lifestyle choices. Don’t you want your kids to enjoy trying new fruits and vegetables? Or, are you really OK if they want the latest junk food fad?

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