Hypnotherapy before you take drugs

On Sunday I received an email from Kim telling me that she wished that you would try hypnotherapy before you take drugs for depression and anxiety.

She forwarded me this article from the New York Times, Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit. The articles states long-term use of the medications is surging in the United States because of the withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult to stop.

In her email, Kim wrote: “The only thing I can credit for the current success I am having weaning off Effexor is hypnotherapy. I have tried before, and sometimes was forced to (due to a lack of insurance) and it was always hellish.

This time is different. I am experiencing far fewer dizzy spells. No nausea. Since last Wednesday I just reduced from 75 mg twice a day, to one 75 mg dose in the morning, and I have had no withdrawal symptoms. (When I began reducing my dosage just last January I was taking 150 mg morning and evening.)

The only thing I can credit is that something in my brain/nervous system has changed. I believe that hypnosis is responsible for that change. (Although I am also exercising a lot more these days, which also probably is contributing to my success.) The remaining depression and anxiety I still struggled with, even on 300 mg/day, was alleviated by hypnosis, giving me hope that I could have a future free of medications. So far, at least with regard to the Effexor, that is coming true.”

(It is with Kim’s permission that I share her writings with you.)

Hypnosis for depression and anxiety

Over the years I have witnessed the many benefits of hypnosis for depression and anxiety. For some people, medication may be necessary but I believe that far too often medication is used as a first choice rather than a last option.

As always, before making any changes in your medications, make sure that you consult with your prescribing M.D. Medical hypnosis is not an alternative to or replacement for professional medical care.

Be sure to consult with your physician and continue medical treatment. Medical hypnosis is used in cooperation with your professional medical treatment.

I am happy to talk with you about hypnosis for depression and anxiety. We can meet in my Seattle or Bainbridge Island offices or worldwide online. Call me at (206) 903-1232 or send me an email and find out the difference that hypnotherapy can make for you.

Kim’s social media post

“I have been on various antidepressants since I was first diagnosed at age 19. Now, at age 57, I am able to wean off of them due to my sessions with Roger Moore, a local hypnotherapist, and a partnership with Dr. McCabe at Polyclinic in Seattle.

I wish hypnotherapy was more of a “front-line” treatment for anxiety and depression. Too many doctors write a prescription that is not easily stopped. Many folks would be better off trying hypnotherapy first. I have found it to be a CURE and not just a treatment.

If you are struggling with these issues, please, please try hypnotherapy before you take drugs. Wish I had.”


Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

 April 7, 2018: Antidepressants are not harmless; they commonly cause emotional numbing, sexual problems like a lack of desire or erectile dysfunction and weight gain. Long-term users report in interviews a creeping unease that is hard to measure: Daily pill-popping leaves them doubting their own resilience, they say.

“We’ve come to a place, at least in the West, where it seems every other person is depressed and on medication,” said Edward Shorter, a historian of psychiatry at the University of Toronto. “You do have to wonder what that says about our culture.”

Read Many People Taking Antidepressants Discover They Cannot Quit

Benedict Carey and Robert Gebeloff

New York Times

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