Ed Sproull is proof that you can turn it around. You may be feeling hopeless and defeated but you do have choices. You can choose to be hopeless and defeated or you can choose to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start making the changes in your life that will allow you an abundant life of joy and health. We are always in trance. You can either give yourself hypnosis suggestions of “poor me” and “ain’t it awful,” or give yourself suggestions of “I am capable. Today, I am turning it around.”  You can create success in your life starting right now. It really can be easy for you to learn self hypnosis and turn things around that can be turned around.

Ironman Triathlon Will Cap Amputee’s Amazing Comeback

King5, Posted on March 30, 2012, REDMOND, Washington: Some might consider it amazing that a 57-year-old man is training to compete in his first Ironman triathlon.

Even more people would consider it amazing that the man, Ed Sproull, is an amputee who wears a prosthetic just below his left knee joint.

But it might very well be Sproull’s past that makes the story truly amazing.

“I believe in a God of second chances,” he said. “No doubt.”

Sproull lost his leg in 1981 during a motorcycle accident.

But the accident was by no means a wake-up call for Sproull. From there, things only got worse. In 1991, he was arrested and sentenced to 6 years in prison for drug trafficking.

By the time Sproull left prison, he had earned an associate degree. He then enrolled at Case Western University in Cleveland, earning a bachelor’s degree and then a master’s. Before long, he was moving to Seattle to work at Microsoft.

Then, in 2001, he met his future wife Linda.

The transformation did not stop there. Both Ed and Linda admit they were overweight until about five years ago. Hardened arteries killed Ed’s father; heart disease took away Linda’s dad. So they both decided to join the 20/20 Lifestyles program at the PRO Sports Club in Redmond.

“We wanted to live a longer life, a healthier life,” Linda Sproull said.

Ed Sproull lost about 40 pounds and did not stop there. He has now completed 20 triathlons and is training for Ironman Coeur d’Alene this June. To successfully complete the event, he will need to swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles, then run a marathon (26.2 miles).

“I don’t care how far you’ve fallen, how bad a condition you’re in physically, how bad a condition you’re in spiritually, just how bad you are in life,” he said. “You can turn it around.”

Read Ironman Triathlon Will Cap Amputee’s Amazing Comeback

We all struggle. We all fall down. Those of us with challenges with food have all “cheated” and eaten food that makes us fat. You can either go into the trance of “I have failed and eaten 3 Oreos so I might as well eat the whole packaged.” Or, you can give your self different hypnosis suggestions like, “I am turning this around.” Learn self hypnosis and create success in your life.

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