OK Twilight fans, hypnosis is coming back to Forks! I will be in Forks, WA, February 9 – 12, 2010, with my Slender For Life™ weight loss program. In addition to hypnosis for weight loss, residents of Forks and surrounding communities may be interested in medical hypnosis issues such as recovery from cancer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , fibromyalgia (FMS), and autoimmune diseases such rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis (MS) and others. Stop smoking sessions are also available.

My association with Forks began back in 2007 with one client who began driving from her home in Forks to my office on Bainbridge Island to lose weight with Slender For Life™. She achieved her goal and has kept the weight off. People noticed her success and one by one, others came. In 2008, I started periodic visits to Forks to see clients there and to hold meetings with the public, the hospital staff and the business community to talk about how hypnosis can be used for health and wellness.

Starting with with this trip, my plan is to be in Forks each month allowing greater access for the community. In between my visits to Forks, clients can either come to my office on Bainbridge or have on-line hypnosis and phone sessions.

On Wednesday, February 10, I will be meeting with the medical staff of the Forks Hospital and Wednesday evening there will be a social gathering for clients who have been using hypnosis for weight loss. Thursday evening, February 11, I will be speaking to the public at the Forks library.

If you are ready to lose weight or want to know how you can use hypnosis in your life to improve your health and wellness, give me a call at (206) 903-1232 or send me an email to schedule your no-charge and no-obligation consultation.

My book, Becoming Slender For Life, is written to support you in your weight loss journey.

Check out Slender For Life™ and call (206) 903-1232 or email for your free consultation.

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