Specialty Training with

Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland

Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control with
Ellner and Sandland

3 Day Class 6 DVD SET

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DVD array400-sandyScott Sandland and Michael Ellner, two giants in the field of Medical and Dental Hypnosis, joined forces and partnering against pain and partnering for mainstreaming our certified hypnosis practices. They have put together the most comprehensive advanced Specialty training in Medical and Dental Hypnosis available today.

You don’t have to be or want to be a Hypnotist to BENEFIT from this
Unique Specialty Training

  • You Will Learn The Latest Evidence Based Theories and Practices in Pain Management
  • You Will Learn How to Help Patients Take The Unnecessary Suffering Out of Chronic Pain
  • You Will Learn How to Communicate More Effectively
  • You Will Learn How to Build Rapport with Patients, Staff and Colleagues
  • You Will Learn How to Utilize Conversational and Indirect Hypnosis to Help Your Patients Feel Better and Heal Better
  • You Will Learn Why and How to Administer Guided Self-help Programs: Wellness Groups – Guided Meditation Groups and Self-hypnosis/Creative Stress Management Groups.

On SALE NOW through March 17, save $50.00!!

only $249.00!

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Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control with Ellner and Sandland

Mind-body Medicine is not only an excellent stand alone modality,  Mind-body Medicine is an ideal adjunctive modality because it is able to enhance the benefits of a wide variety of conventional, complementary and alternative medical interventions. This workshop will cover working and networking with licensed and alternative health care providers.

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