Plant-based burger

If you read through the years of my Friday recipe posts you will see that I love a great plant-based burger. I was excited to find How to Build the Ultimate Plant-Based Burger, by Chef Katie Simmons posted by the T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies.

Not only does Simmons list a variety of recipes, she answers the questions that I suspect that we have all struggled with:

  • How Do I Make My Veggie Burgers Stick Together?
  • How Do I Make My Veggie Burgers Firmer?
  • How Do I Make My Veggie Burgers Taste Better?
  • How Do I Create the Ultimate Burger?

If you want to know how to build the ultimate veggie burger, this post is for you.

Ultimate plant-based burger is the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

plant-based burger

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How to Build the Ultimate Plant-Based Burger

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies, by Chef Katie Simmons, June 5, 2019: Ready to Get Cooking?

This article has these delicious veggie burger recipes to get you started:
Black Bean Burger
Chickpea and Summer Squash Veggie Burger
Quick and Easy Lentil Burgers
Spicy Mushroom Burgers
Super Green Gluten-Free Quinoa Sliders
Lentil Potato Curry Patties
Chickpea Garden Veggie Burgers
Sweet Peanut Burgers
Korean Red Beet Teriyaki Veggie Burgers

Burger toppings:
Mexicrema Dressing
Speedy Two-Minute Ketchup
Oil-Free Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
Oil-Free Hummus Spread
5 Minute Guacamole – Essential Vegan Recipe
Low-fat Vegan Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Read: How to Build the Ultimate Plant-Based Burger

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