The past two days I have been posting about unconscious self control and that it is possible with self hypnosis. Daily, Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge weight loss clients of my Slender For Life™ hypnosis program share with me their own victories of unconscious self control. Prior to hypnosis for weight loss food controlled these clients. Not any more. With weight loss hypnosis you too can discover that you are making healthy choices without conscious effort.

Is Unconscious Self-Control Possible?

PsychCentral, August 8, 2013: A new study posits that we can program our bodies to unconsciously say no to temptation.

Traditional psychological theory held that saying no to illegal drugs, unhealthy food or excess consumption of alcohol required a conscious effort.

New research suggests this is not the case, and that inhibitory self-control – not picking up a cigarette, not having a second drink, not spending when we should be saving – can operate without our awareness or intention.

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It does still excite me to hear weight loss success stories from Slender For Life™ clients who use self hypnosis and as a result have a natural desire for plant based food. Are you ready to learn weight loss hypnosis so that you can discover that you are making healthy choices without conscious effort? If so, give me call or send me an email. Unconscious self-control is possible with self hypnosis!

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