Imagine believing that an activity is not safe physically, mentally, and/or emotionally and then going ahead and doing it—for the rest of your life! Now that’s a challenge!

There are so many reasons why people use food for protection—and I’m convinced now that men use food for protection as much as women do. Often clients are unaware—even shocked—when they realize their weight is protecting them from something, and that they really don’t want to let go of their excess weight. It’s as though they have two different warring halves. One side wants to release the excess weight, and the other side wants to hang onto the instant satisfaction that sugary, fatty foods provide.

In Becoming Slender for Life, real solutions are given to eliminate using body fat for physical, mental and emotional protection. One of the solutions is learning and using self hypnosis. With hypnotherapy you can get to the root of the fear and let go of it. With hypnosis you can feel safe and allow yourself to be seen in this world. Power Minutes are great ways to use self hypnosis.

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As I become more slender and attractive, I am becoming more self-confident and more self-assured.