Understanding why you ate that

Understanding why you ate that cookie, Snickers bar, bag of chips or bowl of ice cream can help you to put an end to unhealthy eating habits.

Today’s post is a journal exercise from chapter  in my book, Becoming Slender For Life™.

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Journal Exercise

Understanding why you ate that

If you find yourself experiencing more recycling than you’d like, try journaling about your eating behavior during any of these situations you find yourself in: going out to eat; being on vacation; being under stress; feeling anger, hostility, jealousy, loneliness, fear or social anxiety; suffering from group pressure, a desire to fit in, or a need for approval; feeling financial stress, guilt, lack of trust, insecurity or an inability to take risks. Figuring out the underlying cause for your relapse and dealing with  that, always makes returning to your program much easier.

Becoming Slender For Life pages 217 – 218

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