Comfort food

It is reported that 81% of people believe comfort food improves a bad mood. Actually, I’m surprised the that percentage isn’t higher.

But, research shows that comfort food does not improve a bad mood. So turning to chocolate, ice cream, potato chips, mac and cheese or whatever your comfort food maybe will not improve your mood.

Comfort eating might distract you for a short time, but of course the source of the bad mood will still be there. All of your emotions are good. They are there to guide you – even the ones that don’t feel good.

Hypnosis can help you to heal your emotions and to create healthy eating habits.

Comfort food

Diet Tip: The Unexpected Effect of Comfort Food on Bad Moods

“Comfort foods led to significant improvements in mood, but no more than other foods or no food.

Although people believe that comfort foods provide them with mood benefits, comfort foods do not provide comfort beyond that of other foods (or no food).”

“We found no justification for people to choose comfort foods when they are distressed.

Removing an excuse for eating a high-calorie or high-fat food may help people develop and maintain healthier eating habits, and may lead them to focus on other, food-free methods of improving their mood.

You don’t need comfort food to feel better; the mind will do the trick all on its own if you give it time.”

Read Diet Tip: The Unexpected Effect of Comfort Food on Bad Moods

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