Thanks to the flavor intensity of today’s processed foods, unsweetening the diet for weight loss and for your health can be especially challenging.  When we lived in caves our taste buds didn’t have to discern much more than if the taste was sweet or bitter. Today, each mouthful can be a multitude of concentrated sweet tastes. If you are craving and dependent on sweets, self hypnosis can help you to change that. Learn hypnosis for weight loss and unsweeten your diet.

Unsweetening the Diet

The third way artificial sweeteners may counter-intuitively lead to weight gain involves maintaining the cravings of, and dependency on, all things sweet. By continuing to consume any sweeteners—with or without calories—we are unable to train our flavor preferences away from intensely sweet foods. Its like if you go on a low salt diet, for the first few weeks everything tastes like cardboard until your taste buds have a chance adapt to the new norm. After that, natural low sodium foods tastes perfectly fine and adding table salt tastes gross because it’s way too salty. Same thing with the sweeteners. At home maybe you use erythritol—that’s great, but then you go on vacation and what if you forget it at home? You still take your preference for intensely sweet food with you and that may end up translating into the increased consumption of less than healthy foods. So those are the caveats even for something nontoxic like erythritol. It’s safe, but only you don’t use it as an excuse to eat more junk food.

Read Unsweetening the Diet

All sweeteners–natural and artificial, caloric and non-caloric—help maintain cravings for intensely sweet foods. Overcoming sweet cravings can be one of the most challenging food cravings to deal with – especially during the holidays. But, you can easily learn hypnosis for weight loss and discover how simple it can be to end desires for food that makes you fat and sick and create cravings for food that makes you slender and healthy. Self hypnosis can help you notice the naturally sweet moments in your life.

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