It’s close to the end of the year some of you are already feeling like Grossie in Crock. I am hearing talk of New Year’s resolutions and of having to go on a diet. Many of you are looking into hypnosis and wondering if hypnotherapy can work for you. It sure can – if you want it to. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, if you want it and use it – it will work.

The number of fat Americans continue to go up. Americans are the fattest people on the face of the earth (except for the inhabitants of a few South Seas islands). About 61% of Americans are overweightoverweight enough to begin experiencing health problems as a direct result of that weight. About 20% of us are obese – so fat that their lives will likely be cut short by excess fat. More than 5 million Americans now meet the definition of morbid obesity; they are so obese that they qualify for a radical surgical technique know as gastroplasty– waiting lists for such surgeries are months long and surgeons can’t keep up.

Children are most at risk of obesity. About 25% of all Americans under the age of nineteen are overweight or obese – double what it was only 30 years ago.

I’m excited about the long-lasting weight loss results that Slender For Life clients achieve. Did you know that at Slender For Life, just getting to goal weight is not enough to be considered a success?  To be considered a success, a Slender For Life client must maintain their ideal weight for two or more years. Our data as Slender For Life shows that 44% of our clients who achieve goal weight maintain it for two or more years (most recent data shows it even higher than that). Now that is success! Most weight loss programs have a success rat at two years around 2% to 4 %. The reason for their success is that they have learned self-hypnosis from Slender For Life. Hypnosis really does work!

Come 2008 – will you be ready to take that weight off – to lose the fat and keep it off (and without dieting?)? If you are, Slender For Life is you.

On another note, Phil E. Humbert, PhD has an interesting article in his December 23, Tips for Extraordinary Living titled Celebrating Love, Hope and Community. It’s a great read!