Did you know that you can use hypnosis mind control to keep your children active this summer? It’s really easy, teach them self-hypnosis and get them away from the video games and outside running around. Children naturally know how to do hypnosis so they don’t need a hypnosis course. You can show them with my hypnosis download. And, who knows, you may discover the benefits of hypnotherapy for yourself! If you are in Puget Sound, visit Seattle hypnosis.

Newswise has an interesting article titled Body Movements Can Influence Problem Solving. It’s a great read and it makes wonder if we are crazy having our children being medicated so that they sit still in class. Swinging their arms helped participants in a new study solve a problem whose solution involved swinging strings, researchers report, demonstrating that the brain can use bodily cues to help understand and solve complex problems.

Our manipulation is changing the way people think,” said University of Illinois psychology professor Alejandro Lleras, who conducted the study with Vanderbilt University postdoctoral researcher Laura Thomas, his former graduate student. “In other words, by directing the way people move their bodies, we are – unbeknownst to them – directing the way they think about the problem.

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I keep my children moving and active this summer.

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