Eat less

Have you ever tried using your imagination to eat less? Years ago I only taught weight loss hypnosis clients how to use their imagination to end their desires for junk foods.

But, in recent years I’ve been teaching people how to use their imagination to eat less – even if it’s a healthy meal. So, I was really excited when I read Thought for Food: Imagined Consumption Reduces Actual Consumption. It’s always nice to have research to back up techniques that work!

Here are a couple of examples as to how I use my imagination to eat less:

1) Sunday, we stopped at a famous bakery to use the restroom and get a cup of coffee for the road. They had the most amazing looking cinnamon rolls that reminded me of the ones my Grandmother made. I could smell them, I imagined the warm cinnamon, bread and frosting. I imagined the taste and texture in my mouth as I chewed and then I got to the sugar buzz when I was finished. Without ever taking a bite, I felt very full, and then realized how sleepy I would feel on the rest of the drive home.

Smiling, I  thought of Grandma’s love and left feeling very satisfied with my cup of coffee.

2) Saturday we had dinner in a restaurant. A huge plate of pasta primavera was placed in front of me. I took a moment to appreciate the food and to be mindful. Next, I imagined eating several bites and enjoying each delicious morsel. Then, I picked up my fork and ate about a third of the pasta and vegetables. I felt totally satisfied and asked for a box and took the other two-thirds home for future meals.

Use your imagination

I encourage you to use your imagination and discover how easy it is to not eat unhealthy foods and to eat less food – even when it’s a healthy meal.

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Eat less

Thought for Food: Imagined Consumption Reduces Actual Consumption

Science: “the decrease in hedonic response can also be induced by having imagined eating the first bar of chocolate. In comparisons of subjects asked to imagine the repetitive consumption of candy or cheese, they observed a specific drop in the amount consumed when subjects were actually offered the previously imagined foods to eat.

The consumption of a food typically leads to a decrease in its subsequent intake through habituation—a decrease in one’s responsiveness to the food and motivation to obtain it. We demonstrated that habituation to a food item can occur even when its consumption is merely imagined.”

Read Thought for Food: Imagined Consumption Reduces Actual Consumption

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I allow my imagination to be limitless and I eat less.

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