Photos: The Buck saying good bye; The Skeena in Fulford harbor; Victoria, B.C.; the Coho; Mount Baker; Port Angeles; Boat House table; Baby Boomer at home.

Yesterday was a beautiful sunrise on Salt Spring Island, our last morning and not a cloud in the sky. Leaving the Boat House is always so sad – and yet it was time to go back to our own beautiful Bainbridge Island.

Much of the week was wet and cloudy, Friday & Saturday being the nicest days. On Friday I got in my only bike ride of the week. I rode from the petroglyph park at Fulford to Ganges where I met up with Marilyn and we bought a Baby Boomer planter at Boardwalk Greens. This planter is made from little kids bib overalls with tennis shoes & is sealed with boat resin to water proof it. – they are great! It is a unique planter that will remind us of Salt Spring and look fabulous on our deck.

My bike ride was invigorating. It was a very hilly 16.32 mile ride that took me 1:14:18 to complete (that includes walking my bike through town to from the coffee store where I met Marilyn so we could go to Boardwalk Greens. The bike route map listed the ride as a “challenging” ride that would take one hour each way. Having ridden that route several times last year I didn’t remember it as taking that long. I couldn’t imagine 8 miles taking an hour! My time each way took about 32 minutes which I was pleased with considering all the sitting I had been doing in the rain for most of the week.

As we were leaving the Boat House, we said good bye to the resident buck – he is a stunning creature. To get home we took the Skeena a BC Ferry out of Fulford at 10:45 AM arriving in Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island 35 minutes later. We drove to Victoria, where we had reservations on the 3 PM Coho to Port Angeles. It continued to be a beautiful day in Victoria and all the way across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Mount Baker floated in the distance  – a stunning site to behold! We arrived home at 7:30 PM with a car to unload and laundry to wash.

Last year I sat at the table in the Boat House and wrote my book, this year I learned how to use my new recording equipment for podcasting. The Boat House is a great find and Harold & Sabine are wonderful hosts. By the way, be sure to visit Sabine’s Fine Used Books LTD. in Ganges– its a wonderful place to find a distinctive treasure. If you are ever interested in visiting Salt Spring Island, I highly recommend the Boat House at Daffodil Cottage.

We are home now, relaxed. It’s time to return to work and time to stay relaxed as well.