Vacation Weight Loss

Weight loss while on vacation can be challenging, but not impossible. What’s important is to stay focused on your goal and manage your expectations.

Many of us are traveling over the long Fourth of July weekend and we have plans for other summer getaways and vacations. Over the past 19 years with Slender For Life™ Hypnosis for Weight Loss I’ve made it a point to discuss expectations with weight loss clients while on vacation.

Some people take a “vacation from weight loss” when they travel – only to regret it when they come home and step onto the scale.

At Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis, you learn that you can go on vacation, enjoy special regional meals, have a wonderful time and not gain weight.

For most people, I suggest that weight maintenance is success while on vacation. If you can eat airport food, eat in restaurants and at family tribal feasts and maintain your current weight, that is awesome! And, it’s totally doable with Slender For Life™.

As a Slender For Life™  hypnosis weight loss client you learn the self-hypnosis and stress management tools that allow you to live life to the fullest, enjoy your vacations and holidays and stay focused on your healthy ideal weight.

You can live in the real world and be Slender For Life™. How do I know that? Twenty years ago I lost over 115 pounds and I’ve kept it off. And, I have coached hundreds of weight loss hypnosis clients over the years who have successfully maintained their health ideal weight.

I eat out at least once each week, we have family feasts, I travel and I eat meals at the homes of family and friends. The key to success is hypnosis for weight loss.

To me, eating out, traveling, eating meals in the homes of family and friends and preparing meals for your guests is an important component living living Slender For Life™. When you learn to navigate these events without weight gain, you help ensure your health and wellness.

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Vacation Weight Loss Success

Here are some tips to help you continue on your weight loss journey – even while you are on vacation!

  1. Stay focused on your goal: Is your goal to continue your journey to your healthy ideal weight? Or, are you planning a food orgy?
  2. Maintenance is success: When you are eating all your meals in restaurants or a guest of family and friends, actual weight loss can be challenging. What you can do is focus your meal on the vegetables and most importantly stop eating when your body tells you it has enough. You don’t have to clean your plate.
  3. Share your meals: If you are traveling with someone and eating in restaurants, order one entree and two plates. Share the meal with your traveling companion – but don’t let them sabotage you with a hot fudge sundae.
  4. Walk: Keep your body moving. While you are waiting for your flight, walk the airport pulling your carry-on.If you are traveling by car, walk the complete loop at the rest stop or gas station. Make it a point to go for a walk each day that you are at your destination.
  5. Drink lots of water: I know, I know. I struggle with this one too. How many trips to the bathroom do I want to make during the flight? How many stops at rest areas am I willing to make while driving? But I also know that I feel better and that I am more alert when I am hydrated – and I eat less.
  6. Snack on vegetables and fruit: I carry carrots and bananas with me when I fly and when I drive. These are healthy and clean snacks that I can easily transport and eat without making a mess.
  7. Alcohol: Limit your alcohol consumption to no more than 2 alcoholic beverages per day. Remember, alcohol is a whole lot of empty calories.
  8. Relax: When you go on vacation – GO ON VACATION! Turn off your phone and email and breathe.
  9. Course Corrections: Use self-hypnosis throughout each day to make course corrections and to remind yourself who it is you are becoming.
  10. Inventory: Pay attention to those times that you made wise choices and learn from them. And, note the times where you made less than wise choices and learn how you can do better next time.

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I focus on my health while I live life to the fullest.

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