We all need validation. When was the last time that you looked into the mirror, smiled and said to yourself, “You are awesome” or “You are great”? or “You are amazing”? When was the last time you looked into the mirror and gave yourself a genuine smile? If it’s been awhile, why? When was the last time you validated the people you love? When was the last time you validated a complete stranger? Change begins from within and each of us has the power to create change. Be mindful and create change in your life. You never know the difference a smile or a kind word can make in someone’s life. Learn mindfulness hypnosis and begin to create change within you.

Self-validation is not the same as self-indulgence. Validation is acknowledging who you are while fully engaging in life and in life’s mundane tasks. We are taught to love your neighbor as yourself. In order to love and validate others you must first love and validate yourself.

With mindfulness hypnosis, you can be in this moment and acknowledge yourself. You do have every reason to smile because you are great. You are awesome. You are amazing. Now go make a difference today.

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I am great. I am awesome. I am amazing.

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